Finding KF Modified Class Numbers for Your Copy Cataloguing

26Oct2009 at 1:09 pm (Cataloguing) (, , )

I recently had a question emailed to me from Tamara Small who works at MBM Intellectual Property Law LLP in Ottawa.  It’s a question I hear fairly often so I thought I’d share my response here:

… since more books today provide a call number only in KE format, I must resort to searching multiple online library catalogues to assign them. I often run into different call numbers for the same publication or sometimes find none at all. Are there any guides to KF Modified classification that might help me with this?

For the smaller library it can be difficult to find an appropriate number when the book arrives without a KF Modified number in the CIP (Cataloguing-In-Publication) information that is included with the book. At times it may not be practical to search through a number of library catalogues in search of the elusive number, but that can be useful exercise to try. I would suggest trying the Osgoode Hall Law School Library at York University, the Great Library at the Law Society of Upper Canada, and the Supreme Court of Canada library as good places to start.

Another useful source is Humayun Rashid’s concordance chart that he prepared for a CALL workshop at Niagara-on-the-Lake a few years ago. It presents a variety of general subjects with class numbers in each of KE, KD and KF Modified. You’ll find it here on page 6.

I am also willing to provide assistance whenever I can so don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me a note via email.

Thanks for the question Tamara! 🙂


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