KF Modified Origins: Legal Classification by Subject (2)

13Dec2009 at 6:58 pm (History) (, )

Some subject areas required a treatment different from that provided in the original KF draft and so some larger ‘modifications’ were made to the schedule to allow for a clearer expression of these subjects for all the common law jurisdictions. One of these areas was the classification of constitutional law.

American constitutional law is classified in KF at KF4501-KF5130 and these numbers are still used for U.S. constitutional law in KF Modified today. A new area for constitutional law in Canada was established at KF4481-KF4483 to accomodate the different characteristics of the Canadian and other jurisdicitions more closely influenced by English law.

Consitutional law for Canada is broken down into three broad areas: KF4481 for documents, sources, etc.; KF4482 for general works about constitutional law; and KF4483 for specific areas, for example civil and political rights or immigration and emigration. With the Canadian framework in place three additional class ranges where created that use this same structure for the jurisdictions of Great Britain & Northern Ireland (KF4485-4487), Australia (KF4488-4490) and New Zealand (KF4492-4494).

These three classification ranges are known as ‘class like’ ranges because each of these jurisdictions will be classed just like the KF4481-KF4483 range. For example, documents and sources for New Zealand will be found in KF4492 (the first number in the New Zealand range) and immigration law in Northern Ireland would fall in KF4487.I5 (the third number for Northern Ireland dealing with that specific topic and using I5 the subject cutter for immigration). The remaining common law jurisdictions are classed under the single number KF4496. Each of these smaller jurisdictions has their own country cutter code which is applied to KF4496. For example, Ghana (KF4496.G4) or South Africa (KF4496.S6).


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