Optional Expansion for KF385.ZB5 Modification for Quebec Included in 4th Quarter Update for 2009

25Jan2010 at 5:39 pm (Updates) (, , )

The update for the 4th quarter of 2009 has been completed and is on its way to CALL/ACBD headquarters. You should be receiving your copies soon.

This update includes an optional expansion for Quebec civil law which has been in the editorial works since the summer of 2008. The expansion was prepared and revised (and revised again) by Humayan Rashid, Head of Cataloguing/Reference Librarian at the Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto, and Alain Rochefort the Law Cataloguer at the Justice Canada library in Ottawa. Thanks to both of them for getting this project off the ground and for their tireless collaboration and hard work. Well done!!

Thanks also to the valued comments and contributions from the members of the CALL/ACBD KF Modified Committee. I’ve completed the editorial side of the project and include here for your information the introductory remarks outlining the scope and purpose of this KF Modified enhancement:

Optional Expansion of the Modifications for Quebec, KF385.ZB5

Historically KF Modified was created as a means to organize the common law in Canadian law libraries. As a result the original developers of the KF Modified schedule only included a small area for Quebec civil law called “Modifications for Quebec” at KF385.ZB5. Over time some libraries have developed sizeable individual and special collections of Quebec civil law and require a better way to control these resources in their libraries. The Quebec Civil Law Enhancement Project is a response to that need initiated as an aid for Canadian law libraries interested in classifying their Quebec civil law collections.

The application of this expansion in KF Modified is optional and is intended to be used by Canadian law libraries as an enhancement to the present modifications for Quebec currently found under KF385.ZB5 in the KF Modified classification. Law libraries with smaller Quebec civil law collections or who are not interested in as detailed a presentation of their civil law collection should continue to use the original modifications found at KF385.ZB5.

This optional expansion is based on KEQ (Law of Quebec) which is part of the KE (Law of Canada) in Class K of the Library of Congress Classification schedule. This enhancement provides law libraries with a reasonably flexible outline of the major areas of Quebec civil law including some additional sub-topics as appropriate and expanding on the topical cutter arrangement found under KF385.ZB5. KF385.ZB5 is expanded with a series of new alphanumeric designations providing groupings for individual subject categories and related topics (e.g. KF385.ZB5.A1 Bibliography or KF 385.ZB5.B1 Persons, etc.). A cutter number for the author or title would then be added along with the date of publication.


LegisPratique : droit de la famille : jurisprudence en tableaux, 2009 / sous la direction de Sylvie Schirm ; Christine Côté … [et al.].


Watch for additional enhancements this year in the areas of labour and employment law, law of taxation, and the law relating to “Indians”.


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