2010 Report of the Chair of the KF Modified Committee

26Apr2010 at 12:42 pm (General) ()

Here’s my report submitted today to the CALL Executive.

April 2010

The KF Modified classification schedule continues to be updated on a quarterly basis with 87 new pages issued last year. Due to some time constraints the 2nd and 3rd quarter updates were issued simultaneously this year. This delay facilitated the completion of the revised KF Modified form tables (completed and issued in the 3rd quarter). In addition a new optional expansion for KF385.ZB5 which enhances the classification area on Quebec civil law was issued in the 4th quarter update.

The subscriber base has remained stable this year. There were 9 subscribers not renewing in 2009 however it is worth noting that some subscribers do not maintain a current subscription and prefer to purchase new subscriptions in alternating years. There were 2 new subscriptions in 2009 which leaves the total number at 65 subscribers reported by CALL headquarters for the past year.

The promotion of KF Modified remains on the forefront of the Committee’s agenda.

  • The KF Modified Blog was launched in December 2009 and serves as a placed to disseminate and gather information about KF Modified and legal classification.
  • “KF Modified and the Classification of Canadian Common Law”, an article written by the Chair was published in v. 34, no. 5 of the Canadian Law Library Review.
  • The Committee is considering a name change that will broaden the scope of KF Modified for use in any common law library. This will be discussed at the next Committee meeting in Windsor.

Committee member Darren Furey will begin work on updating the Guide to the KF Classification Modified for Use in Canadian Law Libraries (CALL Occasional Paper, no. 3) prepared originally by Janet Moss in 2004.

The Chair continues to explore the possibility of providing KF Modified in an electronic format. There are a number of options under consideration with the preferred solution being the creation of a database driven version in XML. A brief proposal for institutional support was submitted to the CALL President in November 2009.

As noted above the enhancement for Quebec civil law was completed and issued in the 4th quarter updates. Thanks for the commitment and hard work of Humayan Rashid (University of Toronto) and Alain Rochefort (Justice Canada) for developing this enhancement. Libraries can now choose to keep their civil law collections together in KF Modified (see also <https://kfmod.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/4th-quarter-update/>).

Two additional enhancements have been completed and are under review: Nationality & Citizenship; Immigration. The next areas scheduled for updating and improvement are: Indians. Native Peoples. Aboriginals. Inuit and Labour Law. Future areas under consideration include: Taxation; Environmental Law; Access to Information/Privacy; and Internet law. The Committee hopes to continue to make progress on all of these initiatives in the coming year.

Respectfully submitted by
F. Tim Knight


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