New Classification Schedule on Law of the Indigenous Peoples in the Americas

18Jul2011 at 1:42 pm (Classification) (, )

There is a new subclass of the Library of Congress K classification in the works dealing with the Law of the Indigenous Peoples in the Americas. The drafts were posted toward the end of June and will remain on the LC Cataloging and Acquisitions website until August 15th, 2011.

As Jolande Goldberg notes the following motivations for the development of this classification in the introduction to Class KIA-KIP,

The rising interest and marked increase in studies on contemporary indigenous law, environment, protection of cultural property and language is documented by steadily growing course offerings in U.S. and Canadian universities – as well as by inter-institutional collection development
projects that give presence and visibility to the “heritage” of Indigenous peoples. All generated great demands for bibliographic keys to the hard to find materials on a broad and varied number of subjects.

She adds, “Even LC Class KF (Law of the United States), which has a section on American Indian law and law-related materials (KF8220+), does not reflect the sovereign status and autonomy of the Indian nations, nor does it reflect current Indian law making and law developments.

Comments, suggestions and questions are welcomed by Jolande Goldberg ( at the Policy and Standards Division.


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