An Update on the 2nd & 3rd Quarter Updates

18Oct2011 at 2:09 pm (Updates) (, , )

It’s been a busy time these last few months with the highlight being the relocation from our temporary office space into the brand new Osgoode Hall Law School Library. Thanks to the able leadership of our Chief Law Librarian, Louis Mirando, we successfully corralled our collection(s), temporarily spread out over several locations, including an offsite storage facility, into our completely new library environment.

It’s truly a wonderful space and I hope if you’re in the neighborhood you can drop in for a visit. See the Dean of Osgoode, Lorne Sossin, talk about the new building in this short video. You’ll see some shots of the new library there, although the book stack end panels and some of the library furniture is missing in this footage.


This, amongst other professional commitments, has deflected me from my usually fairly timely KF Modified update schedule. And as a result the updates are tardy. But they have today been sent to the Canadian Association of Law Libraries headquarters and you should see them delivered to your desk(s) shortly.


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