Working with Form Division Tables in KF Modified – (Part 3)

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This is the third in a series of posts about using the form division tables in KF Modified. Part 2 is located here.

So, first things first. Here are the answers to last week’s little quiz:

KF1423 Table VI
KF318 Table VIII
KF841-850 Table II
KF3566-3570 Table IV
KF1290.F4 Table VII

So let’s take a closer look at one of the more frequently used tables, Table VI.

I’ll use a recent Law Society of Upper Canada continuing legal education volume of proceedings as our first example:

Example 1

This is a CLE collection of papers dealing with probate law and practice. General works on probate law and practice are found at KF765 in the KF Modified schedule.

Once we’ve established the classification number for the title a form division can then be assigned using Table VI. CLE programs are considered to be conferences/congresses in terms of classification so we’ll want to apply the form division for conferences/congresses to KF765.

The listing for the Table VI form divisions begins on page F25 in KF Modified. If you work your way through this list you’ll find this form division number for conferences/congresses:

Adding the form division to the classification number will give you this: KF765.A75. Now add the cutter number for the main entry and the date of publication to create the finished number:

                KF765.A75 L393 2011

OK, here’s another example again using Table VI.

This title is an annotated bibliography dealing with Canada and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Example 2

The subject ‘children’s rights’ is classed in KF Modified under KF479:

This is a bibliography so we need to go to Table VI and look for the form division number for a bibliography. Which is actually pretty easy to find because ‘bibliography’ is the first form division listed in Table VI.

So the class number for this title with the form division will be KF479.A1.

Add the cutter for the author and the date of publication and the final number for this title will be:

                KF479.A1 T35 1999.

OK, so let’s stop there.

Try to work out the class number and form division numbers for the following titles. These will all use Table VI.

And finally, a few more identify-the-form-division-table-to-be-used exercises:


Have a great week!


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