Links to Catalogues Using KF Modified

14Dec2011 at 12:01 pm (Cataloguing) ()

Sarah Sutherland, Library Services Manager over at McMillan, recently asked about sources for KF Modified cataloguing copy. I sent her the following list and thought others might benefit from this information as well:

Also note that if you have Library of Congress classification numbers for either KD or KE you might be able to convert them to KF Modified using Rashid Humayun‘s KD/KE/KF (Modified) Concordance Chart.


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  1. David Cook said,

    When doing a large amount of copy cataloguing, I found that the Great Library’s website often couldn’t cope with the frequency of requests I was placing on their server. However, it did have pretty good records for new items when it finally loaded. Note, I noticed these issues in December 2011. They could be resolved by now.

    The University of Manitoba’s website seemed much more robust and coped much better with the amount of searches I was doing. The collection was surprisingly varied as well, so I found quite a few BC-specific resources despite the geographic divide.

    Finally, Library and Archives Canada were great for older titles. It doesn’t typically have records for newer items or newer editions, but if you’re
    clever with your searching, you can often find related resources that can generally point you to the right place in the KF Modified classification.

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