KF Modified Committee Meeting, Draft Agenda

9May2016 at 2:56 pm (General) (, )

Hello KF Modified enthusiasts!

We will soon be making our way to Vancouver for the annual Canadian Association of Law Libraries conference. The KF Modified Committee will be meeting on Sunday, May 16 at 1:00pm in the Seymour room at the Westin Bayshore Hotel.

I’ve prepared a draft agenda for your consideration, but please let me know if there is something you would like to add.

KF Modified Committee Agenda

  1. Succession Planning
    • General lack of Committee members
    • Future development and ongoing maintenance of KF Modified?
  1. KF Modified and Linked Data Project
    • Report submitted to CALL/ACBD Committee to Promote Research
  1. KF Modified Electronically Accessible
    • PDF version could be made available immediately
    • Should KF Modified be made available open access and free of charge?; print subscriptions are declining and OA to classification is a public good
  1. International Promotion of KF Modified Classification
    • KF Modified goes to Jamaica
    • Promotion of KF Modified to common law libraries outside of Canada
  1. Other Business

See you in Vancouver!





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KF Modified Linked Data Project

11Sep2015 at 12:33 pm (General) ()

Update: November 25, 2015: Just discovered that the video for this session is available. As promised below, here’s the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6isTtCcilGE.


Oh, it’s been very quiet on the KF Modified Blog. So here’s a quick update.

Sarah Sutherland and I have been diligently working away on the KF Modified linked data project. As you may recall CALL/ACBD provided us with some seed money to work on a proof of concept and although we haven’t got a finished project to show at this point, we did deliver a presentation this morning at Access 2015.

I’m posting the slides from that presentation along with a link to the XML schema we’ve developed for KF Modified.

Updated 21Sep2015: Here are the links to the XSLT Stylesheet that was used to convert a small example of KF Modified XML to HTML (also uses this HTML stylesheet).

We presented with Christina Harlow from the University of Tenessee who talked about how she’s using linked data to augment authorities with a locally created vocabulary.

The session was live streamed and I’ll share that link when it becomes available.

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Recent KF Modified Committee Meeting

12Jun2014 at 2:34 pm (General) (, , )

The CALL/ACBD annual meeting in Winnipeg has come and gone and the KF Modified Committee business meeting was held on Sunday afternoon (May 25th).  It was a small group which included Susan Jones (University of New Brunswick), Alicia Loo (Supreme Court of Canada), Humayun Rashid (University of Toronto), Sarah Sutherland (CanLII) and myself.

I apologize for not distributing the agenda before the meeting.  You’ll find it below along with the notes and comments from the meeting.

If you have any thoughts on any of these agenda items please feel free to comment here are send me an email.

Have a good summer!

KF Business Meeting Notes

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Exploring the Linked Data Application of KF Modified Classification

13Jan2014 at 1:18 pm (General) (, , , )

ld-cyrstal-fade-croppedHello all.

Happy to report that Sarah Sutherland (CanLII) and I have been awarded a CALL/ACBD research grant to explore the application of linked data to the KF Modified classification scheme.

This project was inspired by the recent release of the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) as linked data.  Providing KF Modified as linked data will open up opportunities for KF Modified to become a valuable tool for organizing common law legal resources on the semantic web.

Thanks to the Canadian Association of Law Libraries for their continued support of KF Modified!

Watch this blog for updates and progress reports!

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KF Modified Committee Meeting at CALL/ACBD Conference

30Apr2013 at 10:31 am (General) (, )

Hello everyone,
Unfortunately I will not be attending the CALL/ACBD conference in Montreal and so will be unable to chair our upcoming meeting. However, Humayun Rashid has graciously agreed to fill in for me during my absence. Thank you Rashid!

The meeting is scheduled to take place on Sunday afternoon (May 5) from 1:00pm until 3:00pm.

Here is the draft agenda:


Please let me know if there is anything you’d like to add.

Enjoy the conference!

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Upcoming KF Modified Committee Business Meeting at CALL/ACBD Conference

26Apr2012 at 10:59 am (General) (, )

Hello everyone,
The CALL/ACBD Conference is fast approaching. Our annual business meeting is scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, May 6, from 1:00-3:00pm in the Québec room at the Royal York Hotel.

Here’s the draft agenda:

1. Approval of Agenda
2. Minutes of 2011 Business Meeting
Business Arising
3. Subclass KIA-KIX Drafts http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/kia_draft.html
4. New Schedule Enhancements (Environmental Law; Labour Law)
5. Communication/promotion of KF modified
6. Searchable electronic/web-based version of KF Mod.
7. Revision of the Guide to the KF Classification Modified for Use in Canadian Law Libraries (CALL Occasional Paper, No. 3, 2004)
8. Other Business

You’ll find a printable PDF version here.

Please let me know if there is anything you’d like added to the agenda.

Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto!

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Notes from the KF Modified Committee Meeting – May 15, 2011 – Calgary

26Jul2011 at 2:38 pm (General) (, , )

The Osgoode Hall Law School Library is moving back into it’s newly renovated space so things are a little hectic around here and many of my files are packed in anticipation of our office move next week. The following is from the notes I took at the KF Modified Committee meeting and some updates will likely follow when things settle down.


The KF Modified Committee meeting is an opportunity for the Committee members to meet face-to-face and discuss and work out some of the editorial details that have been in development over the past year. All but one of the Committee members (Joan Yanovsky, Supreme Court of Canada Library) were able to attend this year. In attendance were: myself (Chair); Humayun Rashid, Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto; Darren Furey, Gerard Forest Law Library, University of New Brunswick; and Alain Rochfort, Dept. of Justice Library. We were also pleased to welcome Sarah Sutherland, from McMillan LLP, who was joining us for the first time.

The meeting began with a discussion of ways to promote the KF Modified schedule. With the broadening of the title to include common law libraries in general the use of KF Modified is poised and ready to expand beyond its current use in Canadian law libraries. With the recent introduction of the optional expansion for Quebec civil law at KF 385 ZB5 it was agreed that we should approach Quebec and New Brunswick law firms either directly or through the appropriate law associations or both. In addition many law libraries using Moys may appreciate using KF Modified which is an updated and ‘living’ classification scheme. Moys has a similar organizational structure but updates are irregular. There are also a number of law libraries that use home grown classification schemes who may be ready to switch to something more formal like KF Modified. HR, DF and AR agreed to draft a letter that we could send and/or use as the basis for email communications.

An ongoing concern continues to be the lack of an electronic version of KF Modified. TK is concerned because KF Modified is still produced in WordPerfect and suggests that at the very least steps should be taken to convert the current format to something that is more open like Open Office. There was a brief discussion about the possibility of providing an open access version of KF Modified that would allow anyone to access the schedule. There was no consensus reached but discussion with CALL head office should be a first step. TK will also pursue getting the schedule converted to a format other than WordPerfect and consider creating a database version that could be reused/repurposed to a variety different formats, i.e. print, web-based, searchable electronic, etc.

Information about the current subscription status was not available at the time of the meeting and TK will get an update from the CALL office.

HR provided some background on the enhancements that he and AR had been working on over the past year. He is pleased that we have been able to respond to some of the requests that libraries have been making for improvements to the classification schedule and cites this ability as one of the advantages KF Modified has over some of the other schemes. KF Modified caters to many different types and sizes of law libraries, some are specialized and need to have more numbers available to better organize their collections. The enhancements used the KE classification (the LCC classification for law in Canada) as a starting point adding new concepts, legislative developments, the expressed needs of law libraries, and other influences. As a matter of editorial policy we want to avoid adding new numbers beyond those provided in the original KF classification (the LCC classification for federal U.S. law) because that will ensure there will be less likelihood that conflicts between the two schedules will arise. Conflicts can lead to costly reclassification projects. This is why expansion of the Cutter number is preferred, for example adding Z9 to KF 3776 to add numbers for particular divisions under public health services.

There was a discussion of KF 3819 and the probability of adding this to all sections instead of general sections. Agreed to review and possibly add scope notes where necessary. HR pointed out that making use of the form tables is more convenient and more likely to be used.

DF noted that due to other professional obligations he has been unable to make much progress on the revision of Guide to KF Modified. The remainder of the meeting was devoted to review and discussion of the enhancements for environmental law and labour law prepared by HR and AR.

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Presentation Slides from CALL/ACBD Conference in Calgary

26May2011 at 9:14 pm (General) (, , , , )

It was great to see so many friends and colleagues at the recent Canadian Association of Law Libraries/L’Association canadienne des bibliothèques de droit (CALL/ACBD) conference in sunny Calgary, Alberta. Especially nice to get together with most of the KF Modified group and get some work done on a couple of more enhancements. I’ll report more on the KF Modified Committee meeting in a few days.

The presentation slides and cataloguing exercises are now available. If you didn’t happen to be one of the thirty or so attendees at the session last Wednesday morning now’s the chance to brush up on your KF Modified cataloguing. The session, Working With KF Modified: Changes and Enhancements, went very well even if we were rather swallowed up in the very large room we were assigned. Great facility though which made delivering the presentation a pleasure.

On behalf of Rashid, Darren and myself thanks to everyone who made it out bright and early on Wednesday morning and even after the closing banquet! Much appreciated!!

Here’s the three of us plus Alain Rochefort after the presentation*.

The KF Modified Crew

* Thanks to Angela T. for taking this pic!

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Agenda for KF Modified Business Meeting at CALL/ACBD Conference

13May2011 at 3:30 pm (General) (, , )

Hello all,
Sorry for not getting this out to you sooner.
See you in Calgary!!

Canadian Association Of Law Libraries/Association canadiennedesbibliothèques de droit

KF Modified Committee
Business Meeting


Sunday, May 15, 2011, 1:00-3:00
Calgary, Alberta

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Minutes of 2010 Business Meeting/Business Arising
  3. KF Modified Session, “Working With KF Modified: Changes and Enhancements”, Wednesday, May 18 9:00-10:00am
  4. Communication/promotion of KF modified
  5. Searchable electronic/web-based version of KF Mod.
  6. New Schedule Enhancements (Environmental Law; Labour Law)
  7. Revision of the Guide to the KF Classification Modified for Use in Canadian Law Libraries (CALL Occasional Paper, No. 3, 2004)
  8. Other Business

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Chair’s Report to the CALL Executive

20Apr2011 at 3:38 pm (General) (, )

Here’s the report I sent to the CALL Executive last week outlining the work of the KF Modified Committee over the past year:

KF Modified Committee
Report of the Chair
April 2011

Members: Darren Furey, Tim Knight (Chair), Janet Moss, Humayun Rashid, Alain Rochefort, Jennifer Svarckopf, Joan Yanovsky.

The KF Modified classification schedule is updated on a quarterly basis and 74 pages were added or modified last year.  Due to competing professional activities the 2nd and 3rd quarter updates were issued simultaneously again this year.  The enhancements to Immigration and Emigration (KF4483.I5) and Nationality and Citizenship (KF4483.N5) were issued in the 4th quarter and necessitated a slight reorganization of all class numbers in the KF4483 area.  Many thanks to Humayun Rashid and Alain Rochefort for completing this valuable expansion to the schedule.

The classification schedule was officially renamed at the beginning of 2010 to, ‘KF Modified: KF Classification Modified For Use In Canadian And Common Law Libraries.’  It is anticipated that the broadening of scope will better enable promotion of the use of KF Modified to libraries outside ofCanada.  The introductory remarks were also updated to include a reference to the KF Modified Blog launched in the fall of 2009.

The KF Modified Blog published 20 blog posts in 2010 and so far there have been 5 issued so far this year.  Readership appears to be steady with a total of 2,905 page views this year with an average of about 175 views per month.  There have been a few comments contributed and it is hoped that a more regular posting schedule will improve the interactivity and communication with the KF Modified and cataloguing communities.

We are pleased to be offering a program on KF Modified at the Calgaryconference.  Working With KF Modified: Changes and Enhancements (Wednesday, May 18, 9:00-10:00) will review the philosophy of KF Modified, its origins and look at the enhancements that have been introduced over the last 18 months or so.  Humayun Rashid (Bora Laskin Law Library), Darren Furey (Gerard V. La Forest Law Library), and myself will be speaking and providing a few exercises dealing with the expansion inQuebec civil law, immigration and emigration nationality and citizenship, and the new form table arrangement.

The next areas scheduled for updating and improvement are:  Indians. Native Peoples. Aboriginals. Inuit, and Labour Law.  Future areas under consideration include:  Taxation; Environmental Law; and Access to Information/Privacy.  Creating an electronic version of the classification is also long overdue and the Committee hopes to continue to make progress on this and our other initiatives in the coming year.

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