4th Quarter 2009 and 1st Quarter 2010 Updates Delayed

21May2010 at 12:57 pm (Updates)

Due to a small mix up in the CALL/ACBD Publications Office the final update for 2009 has not yet been distributed. I have spoken to the folks at CALL and this update should be sent out to you soon. It’s a significant update because it contains the enhancement for the Quebec civil law prepared by Humayun Rashid and Alain Rochefort.

The first quarter update for 2010 is also delayed, but that’s your friendly neighbourhood editors fault. I am in the process of completing the update and hope to have it over to CALLACBD Head Office very soon.

A report on the KF Modified Committee meeting in Windsor is also forthcoming so watch for that. 🙂


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Two New Draft Enhancements Available for Review

7May2010 at 4:04 pm (Enhancements) (, , )

I am pleased to share with you Humayun Rashid’s draft proposals for enhancement to KF4483.I5 (Immigration and emigration. Aliens. Passports) and KF4483.N3 (Nationality and citizenship. Naturalization). Both of these enhancements expand on the existing classification numbers providing greater possibilities for specific topics under these two numbers. The KF Modified Committee will review these proposals at the business meeting on Sunday afternoon.

Draft Enhancement for KF4483.I5

Draft Enhancement for KF4483.I5

Draft Enhancement KF4483.N3

Draft Enhancement KF4483.N3

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Notes from the KF Modified Meeting in Halifax, 2009

7May2010 at 1:13 pm (General) (, )

Many thanks to Humayun Rashid for filling in as Chair for the last meeting held in Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 24th, 2009. Rashid has kindly provided the following notes from that meeting which we will review as part of our next business meeting on Sunday in Windsor.


Minutes of Business Meeting
Sunday, May 24, 2009, 1.00-3.00 P.M.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Acting Chair: H. Rashid (Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto)

Members Attending: H. Rashid (University of Toronto); Joan Yanofsky (Supreme Court of Canada); Darren Furey (University of New Brunswick); Fiona A. McPherson (Dept. of Justice, Ottawa); Ken Fox (Law Society of Saskatchewan)

H. Rashid announced that he was filling in for Chair Tim Knight (Osgoode Hall Law School Library, York University) as he was unable to attend. Only five members attended the meeting. Here are the Minutes of the Committee business.

1. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved.

2. Minutes of 2008 Business Meeting and Business Arising
The minutes were approved as distributed.

3. Communication/Promotion of KF Modified Issues for Discussion
The KF Modified Blog has been planned for this summer. According to Tim Knight, this blog will discuss the history, usage, updates and future directions of KF Modified the legal classification scheme which is used primarily in Canadian law libraries and suitable for any common law collection. Various issues concerning legal classification and cataloguing in general will also be touched occasionally.

Tim Knight is also planning to add an entry on KF Modified in Wikipedia. He will prepare an initial draft this summer for review by the Committee members.

Other related issue such as Change of KF Modified schedule title to cover non-Canadian common law libraries was also brought to the attention of the Committee members. In short, not much discussion was generated among the members but there was an overall agreement to proceed with any changes or proposals that would help promote the KF Modified in Canada and abroad. Up to date information on the issues will be provided later by Tim Knight, Chair of the Committee.

4. Searchable Electronic/web-based Version of KF Modified.

Jennifer Svarckopf and Tim Knight have been investigating various options in regards to the feasibility of converting the manual version of KF Modified into web-based electronic version to facilitate easy access and usage by the libraries. Further update on various policy/legal issues pertaining to this project will be provided by Tim Knight at the next meeting.

5. New Development of the Schedule

H. Rashid reported that the Quebec Civil Law enhancement had been recently completed, and he had been working on this Project for past few months in close collaboration with Alain Rochefort, Dept of Justice Library, Ottawa. A copy of the final draft of the expansion was circulated among the members for comments and discussion. The members expressed general consensus on the outlay and arrangement of subjects or topics in the Quebec civil law. After a brief discussion, the final draft was approved for implementation by the members. This enhancement will be included in the future KF Modified update.

H. Rashid also mentioned that he will continue to work on other areas of expansion such as ‘Nationality and Citizenship’, ‘Emigration and Immigration Law’, etc.

6. Format Table Revision

The revision of Format for the Division Tables had been completed by Tim Knight, and will be distributed in 2nd quarter Update. This incorporates the changes that LC made to the tables at the end of 2007. As a result, the draft will bring KF Modified back in line with the changes made by LC, and each format table will now be presented on its own which will be easier to use. This will have impact on the KF Modified Guide.

7. Other Business

No other business item was brought up for discussion.


The meeting was terminated at 3.00 P.M.

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