Working with Form Division Tables in KF Modified (Part 5)

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This is the fourth in a series of posts about using the form division tables in KF Modified. Part 4 is located here.

OK, it’s been a while since I promised to continue this series on form division tables in KF Modified. As Steve Miller once pointed out, “Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.”

To recap we started with an introduction to the form division tables (pt. 1; pt. 2) then we covered Table VI (pt. 3) and Table V (pt. 4). This time we’ll take a look at Tables III and IV which are both form division tables used with classification numbers that have a range of 5 numbers.

What do I mean when I say a range of 5 numbers? Here’s an example: KF746-750 is the general range of numbers used for Trustees. There are 5 numbers in this classification range:

1. KF746
2. KF747
3. KF748
4. KF749, and
5. KF750.

This is how it appears in the KF Modified scheme:


As you remember from the previous posts the Roman numeral III in parentheses after the caption tells the cataloguer to use Table III.

If we were cataloguing a bibliography on estate planning like Doris M. Bieber’s ‘A bibliography on estate planning 1960-1974’ we would consult Table III and see that bibliographies are found at the beginning of this range of numbers and we should use 1.A1. The first number in this range is KF746 so we’d place this bibliography at KF746.A1.

Casebooks on estate planning used to be found at KF749, which was designated in Table III as the 4th number in this 5 number range (i.e. KF749). This number was discontinued by the Library of Congress in 2007. Cataloguers are now instructed to put casebooks in with treatises and monographs at KF750. If you look in Table III you’ll see that the number 4 is now in parentheses which indicates that generally that number is no longer used.


However, libraries may decide to continue using this number locally if they wish to keep their casebooks together in one place.

Table IV works the same way. So a CLE program by the Law Society of Upper Canada like ‘Commercial priorities for real estate and business lawyers’, which deals with security law in Ontario, would be classed at KF1046-1050. We would use the number for Congresses, symposia, collected papers in Table IV which is 5.A2. Following the same logic that we saw with Table III above we’d use the 5th number in the range, in this case KF1050 and add .A2 arriving at a number like:

KF1050.A2 L39 2011

OK, so I’ll leave you with this little test. Where would you classify ‘Corporate securities laws in Canada’ by Philip Petraglia and Lazar Sarna? I’ll give you a hint: this will fall in the KF1066-1070 range.

I’ll try to get the next installment out in a more timely fashion!

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